About Mama Net

Mama Net is a next-generation educational app that is targeted at expectant mothers, and those with newborn infants and children. The company has built a holistic multi-dimensional app, which leverages artificial intelligence to seamlessly educate and enable mothers to be the best (while providing strong network access to mothers, families, and communities).

Our partner, MamaWang, is a market leader providing support and opportunities to over 100,000,000 mothers in China. Some of its key strategic partners include Tencent, China Next Generation Work Committee and China Social Welfare Foundation.

" Our DNA is to provide the best regional education platform which prepares mothers to be happy and confident parents "

- Founder of Mama Net

Corporate Milestones


MamaWang China

Founded in Guangzhou, China


Expanded presence to 32 main cities in China

2010 went live in China


Tencent on-boarded as strategic investor


Awarded ‘Best Healthcare App’


Passed 111 million registered members


Mama Net

Founded in Southeast Asia with soft launch planned for Q3 2019


Anticipated regional physical presence in Southeast Asia

Strategic Partnership

On 15th of March 2019, Mama Net and MamaWang entered into a strategic partnership. MamaWang shall make available its extensive maternal content which was internally developed over a 13 year period and provide access to its 100,000,000 registered users (including 40,000,000 monthly active users).

With this strategic partnership, we target to have 35,000,000 registered users in Southeast Asia over the next few years.

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